Blindfolds, Masks & Gags

Play with Sensations with our range of Blindfolds, BDSM Masks and Gags

Sensory deprivation can turn into a steamy game with your partner when adding OhGee’s blindfolds, masks and gags to your BDSM collection. Increase your sensitivity and in turn, make sex feel even better by adding that hint of danger, spice and abandon to your lovemaking.

Whether you have just started delving into your deeper side of submission and/or domination, we have bondage products for all levels ranging from beginners to advanced.

All of these products play a special role when it comes to your deepest, darkest cravings and scenarios and will add a new element to your kinky times in bed. Take your role play to the next level with a face mask or hush your lover’s sweet moans and groans by browsing our wide selection of gags.

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If your interest in bondage was sparked by the oh so famous Fifty Shades of Grey, then our range of products that have been verified by EL James is a must-have if you are looking to turn those juicy movies scenes into a reality of your own.

These products go hand in hand with restraints and is a great way to step up your game and surprise your partner with new ways of being dominated that will not only turn you on but ensure your partner that you are still the one running the show.

If you are picky when it comes to your BDSM collection, we have products that range from materials such as plastic and silicone to satin and leather – you will find the perfect fit that you have been looking for.

Has your partner been very, very bad and you have been wanting to find a way to put them in their place? Some form of sexy punishment? Well, all your fantasies can be brought to life by browsing our wide range of fetish gear as we will provide whatever it is you might need to put your lover in their place.

Turn your sweet, innocent lover into an absolute naughty bondage babe by introducing her to a world of her deepest and darkest desires eh never even knew existed – put the Oh Gee back in your sex life today.