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Whips, floggers, spanking paddles and ticklers… striking in more ways than one

Add a bit of sting with our selection of whips, floggers and spanking paddles, or how about something to tickle your fancy? Tease, torture and taunt by using these along with your bondage collection and restraints – there will be no escape from your control and domination which will leave your lover hot and bothered until you decide to alleviate the pressure.

Be sure to leave your mark with our spanking paddles to show your lover and everyone else who they belong to, whether you are a pro or beginner when it comes to playtime. Perfect for foreplay or for heating things up halfway, our feather ticklers are a great way to explore and pin down your partner’s most sensitive spots and then using it to your advantage when the time comes.

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OhGee, she has been a real bad girl and a good spanking seems to be in order, but without our wide range of whips, paddles and ticklers, the spanking might not be quite enough to put her back in her place.

Our tantalising pleasure tools come in a wide range of materials which allows you to choose the perfect amount of pain vs. pleasure to practice on your lover’s sensual spots to drive her to levels of erotic sensations like never before.

Your partner’s body will be shooting through the roof with sensations like never before and it will have her coming back for more time and time again.

If you are advanced in this form of fun and you and your partner enjoy pain more than pleasure, we have products for all levels of players, so feel free to browse until you find the perfect product to accompany your forms of punishment.

Show her who is the boss by dominating her in the sexiest way possible. Like they say, there is a fine line between pain and pleasure and if you manage to hit the spot just right, she won’t be going anywhere else when a lesson needs to be taught.

Whether it’s for a quick over the knee spanking or a proper introduction to what is about to go down, OhGee’s range is going to be the solution to all your problems and promises to exceed your expectations.

From wild and filled with attitude to trained and respectful.