Tenga Egg Hard Boiled 6 Pack

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The Hard Boiled Egg Package Includes:

Thunder Egg:  Electric invigoration!  Firm, vertical lightning edges provide a strong, sharp sensation.  Feel the peaks and troughs of thunderous sensations as you stroke up and down, or twist around the head for the full effect of these large defined ribs.

Crater Egg:  Prepare for impact!  The rumbling sensations of these crown-like details collide against your shaft for a tremulous exhilaration.  The indented surfaces of the cratered nubs offer adherence form all angles, and their concave shape provides an optimal surface to entangle lubrication.

Misty Egg:  Steamy mist of bliss!  The microscopic nubs that adorn its entire inner surface create a veil of sensations that flutter along your shaft in a cloud of comfort.  Lose yourself in this mist of steamy sensations as it takes you gently to a gradually building stimulating finish!

Cloudy Egg:  Your ticket to Cloud 9!  The thickest of the Tenga Egg Series creates a cloud formation to drive you wild.  With a rebounding sensation from its cloud-like walls, lose yourself in it’s cushiony softness.

Shiny Egg:  A bright start tot he day!  A rising Sun in the center of the Egg will awaken any slow riser, with a surprising presence to put a gleaming smile on your face.  It’s radiating ribs stimulate around your shaft for a wild and unrelenting sensation!

Surfer Egg:  Thrills of the biggest waves!  Riding the lows and highs, these big waves stimulations are perfect for all thrill-seekers.  With accentuated nubs for those surprise drops, see if you can control this gnarly ride!

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