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If you are looking to ooze sex appeal and feel sexy all over, our range of bodystockings will do just that. Dress for bedroom success in these seductive full body stockings. Combine a complete sexy look with a bit of mystery with see through bodystockings. OhGee’s suggestive bodystockings will add some sass to any bedroom and drive your partner wild!

Bodystockings play a big role in the art of seduction and should never be forgotten. Every woman should have at least one in their lingerie collection. It is a great piece of lingerie that hugs the body in a wonderfully sexy way and highlights all the desirable features you have to brag about. Guaranteed to capture your lover’s attention and to enhance your intimate moments.

What you can expect when wearing your new erotic body stocking:

  • Comfort - This one might be surprising to a few woman out there, but body stockings are made to fit your whole body and to be worn for long periods (if you can stop your partner from tearing them off you.). If you purchase your body stocking in the correct size they are surprisingly comfortable considering how sexy and flattering they are.
  • Confidence- Bring on the allure, the look of your full body stocking with raise your confidence levels. Let’s be honest there is nothing as sexy as confidence.
  • An Array of colour options - Select the colour that will enhance your beautiful body in all the right places.
  • Many Styles - Choose from OhGee’s different body stocking styles that will suit the mood: You can select from fishnet, lace or opaque that all guaranteed to seduce your expected or unexpected partner.
  • Crotchless - You can opt for the crotchless body stocking, this way your partner has easy access.
  • Discrete - Well it is definitely not discrete once in the bedroom, but it can be worn under nearly all types of clothing, simply looking like leg stockings. This can make role play and date night extra fun.
  • Every day sex appeal - Body Stockings can be used for more than just bedroom fun, certain types of body stockings can be used under clothing to help create the beautiful silhouette you desire.
  • Enhances all the right features - This is one of the reasons that body stocking are so popular amongst woman, they show off your body in all the right places. This is probably why they are a favourite among men as well.

While some women wear bodystockings to please their lovers, others wear it to feel attractive all the time.

If you would like more information on our sensual bodystockings we have available, or would like to enquire about our other sexy lingerie products please contact us.