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These simple and unassuming sex toys get straight to the point. Bullet Vibrators are designed to stimulate your love button perfectly and powerfully – will definitely get the job done! The bullet vibrators small size is one of its biggest advantages, making sure that it hits the right spot effortlessly. These discreet sex toys are often not easily recognisable as a vibrator and are great for couples wanting to explore new pleasures for the first time, but are perfect for solo pleasure.

Did you know that studies suggest that a woman can achieve orgasms up to ten times faster when using a bullet vibrator and if used before or during sex are more likely to experience multiple orgasms? But don’t take our word for it, this is one experiment that you can try for yourself at home! The intense vibration increases blood flow and allows the vaginal wall and G-spot to swell allowing for a more intense pleasure and earth shattering orgasm. Men can benefit from bullet vibrators – by using them to tease a man’s penis, a bullet vibrator can enhance blood flow and make erections stronger and firmer. Not to mention that certain bullet vibes can be used for anal stimulation.

The Bullet Vibrator offers optimal clitoral stimulation created for precise and Oh so pleasing targeting. The perfect sex toy for both men and women. And as they are not intimidating, bullet vibrators are the perfect for people that are just entering the sex toy market (by the way, welcome, you will not be disappointed!)

There are many tantalizing features for bullet vibrators, here are just a few:

  • Dual purpose- you get to decide if you would like to use it internally or externally (or maybe a little bit of both)
  • With certain bullet vibrator models, you will get to decide the intensity and speed using a discreet controller
  • Many bullet vibrators are fully waterproof, making bath time extra fun
  • Most batteries are rechargeable
  • Many bullet vibrators can produce a wide range of vibrations for you to choose from
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Most Bullet Vibrators are affordable
  • Easy to conceal and store
  • Body safe, smooth texture and made with high quality material
  • Easy to clean

Vibrators are one of the most sought after sex toys around, which should tell you how good they really are. Place the bullet vibrators brilliant buzz on a sensitive body part and enjoy the riveting sensation.

Bullet vibes are highly effective for stimulating all the right spots such as the clitoris, g-spot and nipples creating a whole new sexual experience for you to enjoy (alone or with your partner).

Browse our wide range of bullet vibrators and add your new adult toy to your shopping cart today. It will arrive speedily and discreetly for you to enjoy. If you would like more information on the bullet vibrators that we offer or any of the other pleasurable adult sex toys, simply contact us today.