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Looking to spice up your honeymoon? Then consider buying sex toys to add some excitement to your sex life as you embark on your life as a married couple

The special day has come and gone and now it is alone time – away from your normal surroundings, away from friends, family and any known faces you have passed in your town. It is your Honey Moon – the most romantic, exciting and daring night of your life.

To some, it might be so special that it will be your first sexual encounter that you have been saving for this special, one of a kind night that you will embrace and look back on for the rest of your life. Toys are a sexy way to introduce something even more special to the night. So treat yourself and your partner to your own naughty wedding gifts compliments of OhGee. The best online adult store for the best honeymoon sex toys.

Honeymoon Sex Toys: For The Best Honeymoon Sex of Your Life

Indulge in some naughty candy lingerie that you can bite away and tease your partner to the point of absolute insanity - and on top of it all, you get to feed your sweet tooth that has been bothering you for such a long time (the best dessert lies underneath the candy, if you know what I mean).

Maybe take things to the next step in one night by adding some sex toys in your suitcase, designed for enjoyment on a sexual journey like no other. Get to know the sexual horizons of your partner and discover new ones, too.

Being one of the most memorable nights of your life, be sure to experiment as much as you possibly can and get to know the more vulnerable side to your lover – the side that only you know and get to cherish for the rest of your days.

Don't forget to add some humour to this period of time either by adding the penis-shaped egg fryer to your shopping cart – there is no better way to alleviate some tension from the previous raunchy and intimate night than with some good laughter and a surprising element.

Browse our sexy gifts as there might be something intriguing there, ranging from gift sets to bath and body products to take care of all the pampering the both of you earned and deserve so thoroughly on the night of the biggest day of your life.

Remember, gents, happy wife = happy life