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Stag Night and Bachelor Party Novelties

When you hear the term “stag night” the thought that usually comes to mind is a policewoman stripper and strip clubs. The privilege of hosting and planning this evening usually falls to the best man and he is expected to create an exciting last night of freedom for the groom. If you are indeed a best man and you are searching for something to really create a unique and fun filled evening for your best friend you have come to the right place! OhGee has some great things that will spice up your last evening of being single. (we supply everything except the strippers)

Planning the night is probably the most important step — this is where all the plans are laid out for the magic to happen.

The stag night began as a gentleman’s party, an evening of civilisation where men would toast to the bride’s health while drinking and smoking cigars, this has changed in perception somewhat. Although it has and does still always include substantial amounts of alcohol to be consumed. The latest tradition has become dressing the groom up as a female with a very short dress and allowing him to beg for money at the robots.

At OhGee we have a few products to keep the amusement throughout the evening going, we have a Big Boy Boob Bottle for your groom to sip out on the evening and a blow-up sheep named Dolly to keep him company on his last evening as an unmarried man. These are only a few of our large variety of interesting stag night gifts you can purchase from OhGee.