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Curvaceous, voluptuous, curvy, full figured, plus size or what we like to call simply beautiful – we have a wide range of lingerie that will enhance your sexiness. Here at OhGee we are not really into labels, except for the label sexy… and what is sexy? Well it is quite simple – sexy is confidence and with our wide range of sexy lingerie you will find something that will help you ooze confidence and sex appeal.

Celebrate and flaunt those amazing curves that will raise your man’s testosterone and feed his carnal desires! No matter your shape and size we have plus size lingerie that will make you undress to impress and unleash that sassy side in the bedroom.

If it is your first time buying plus size lingerie here are a few tips that will let lose your inner diva and drive your partner mad with desire.

  • Size matters, don’t be tempted to buy a bigger size to cover up, NO NO NO! Show case your beautiful body. Did you know that by purchasing larger lingerie you can actually make yourself look bigger? Be as adventurous as you like, this is your bedroom after all.
  • Style is important, you know your body, select lingerie that will show off all the parts that you want to and that draws the eye to your amazing curves. Now is the time to select lingerie that suits your personality. Naughty, nice or a complete diva.... The choice is up to you.
  • Select the colour that will showcase your sexual mood. Think of reds when you’re feeling wildly sexy, black for when you want a sultry evening and baby pink for the softer side of sexual play.
  • Pick the right material, this is important when buying your plus size lingerie. Think of fabrics and how they sit on your body and select the right material for you.
  • Think sexiness! It is all about how you feel, so allow your inner sex goddess to come out and play. Every woman is beautiful and should feel confident in anything they wear.

Have a look at the beautiful plus size lingerie that we have on offer and order yours today! If you have any enquiries about our lingerie or any of our other products, don’t be shy give us a call.