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Flatter your figure and make yourself feel special with our beautiful matching lingerie. From luxurious lace, to sophisticated every day, to sassy evening wear, Oh Gee has matching lingerie sets that are perfect for all occasions. We have the perfect fit, designed to make you feel good and in turn, you will look sexy and feel comfortable.

With Oh Gee you can undress to impress with soft satin or sexy lacy lingerie.

Let’s talk about the materials that form these gorgeous lingerie sets:

Oh Gee’s knickers materials:

Silk - the tightly woven, smooth fibres of silk keep moisture close to your skin helping to hydrate your skin it also relieves irritation and is perfect for sensitive skin and contains natural substances that ward off environmental allergens.

Lace - Firstly, the word lace is derived from the Latin word lacere, meaning to entice or ensnare. Lace is extremely light weight, breathable, sheer and simply sexy as hell, also lace is known to hold its shape better than any other material.

Cotton - Cotton absorbs the sweat of your body and allows it to evaporate in the air, keeping the moisture away from your skin and discouraging the growth of bacteria and yeast, its super soft and extremely comfortable.

Oh Gee’s Bras:

As much as women enjoy not wearing a bra, unfortunately, gravity has made this a priority, and if we are forced to wear bras it may as well be comfortable bras. We don’t only want comfort, though do we? No, we also want sexy and it’s not too much to ask for. At Oh Gee there is no reason for you to have to pick between comfort and sexy, browse through our selection for the best quality bras and knickers at affordable prices.

Why order online? Oh Gee delivers fast and discreet straight to your doorstep, anywhere in South Africa. This is extremely convenient, no more driving around the parking lot for a half an hour searching for a parking only to find the only parking available is 1km away from the entrance also no waiting in line all day in a busy mall. Oh Gee is simply the most convenient option, besides with our exclusive selection of lingerie- bras and knickers why would you need to shop anywhere else?

With more information on the materials of Oh Gee’s Sexy Lingerie sets – bras, briefs and knickers; we know that you will find exactly what you are looking for, whether you’re looking for daily wear, sleeping wear or naughty wear we have garments to suit each one of your needs and desires as we want you to not just look amazing but feel amazing as well.