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Foreplay never tasted so good with edible licks, flavoured lubes and body paints

Add a new level to your oral pleasure with these sensual sweet treats. Lick, kiss, taste and explore every inch of your partner’s body with our assortment of lick-able lubes and lubes. Turn your lover into an irresistible dessert. Use dark chocolate body powder as the perfect segue way to oral sex by creating a line from your partner’s neck all the way down to your partner’s erogenous zones and then proceed to lick your way down.

Allow your partner the experience of sensual foreplay with so many stimulating textures and flavours to make your sexual encounters all the more rewarding for the both of you. Moreover, these products are ideal for both sex and masturbation. You will love the way how they will excellently reduce friction during sex and how easily they will make it much more pleasurable.

"The art of seduction is knowing what she really wants and giving it to her in a way that takes her breath away"

OhGee’s range of edible licks and flavourful lubrications will add a completely new level of oral pleasure and sensory foreplay to your bedroom etiquette.  

Far gone are the days where whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Smother your lover's body in delicious flavours. OhGee has a range of flavours for every palette ranging from Cherry to strawberry, chocolate to passion fruit and all the delicious flavours in between. OhGee stocks Shunga Body Paint, Edible Shunga Body Powder, WET Flavored Lubrication, and also a wide range of flavoured condoms. Get creative your lover's body is your blank canvas and you are the artist.

Dessert has never been this exciting and invigorating! Start your evening off with a relaxing bubble bath, leading to a romantic candle lit dinner and straight off to an erotic desert. Combing foreplay with desert will enhance your sexual experience and will surely be an improvement on the usual routine. Special occasions will flourish with OhGee’s range of edible licks and body paints.

These sensual pleasures, of course, don’t need to be restricted to special occasions, any occasion can be made special. Our range of edible licks and body paints do more than just taste good and create fun sex but they are also a great way of exploring your lover's body and experiencing new adventures together.

Free your imagination and let the truly creative side be set free, you can create a piece of art and then enjoy the flavours as you lick it off while your lover enjoys all the delectable pleasures of having your tongue all over their body.

Get your edible licks and body paints today from OhGee and entice your lover with an array of delicious flavours.