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Condoms, French letters, rubbers, Johnnys, raincoats, sheaths whatever you want to call it, the right selection is to protect your erection.

Condoms should be part of every responsible guy or girl’s collection, and they’re a must-have for clean, safe sex.

That said, safe sex doesn’t mean boring, dull and restricted pleasure.

OhGee has a variety of condoms that not only provide protection from STI’s or contraception, but we have condoms that can prolong and heighten sexual pleasure for both you and your lover.


Whether you want fantastic flavour, prolonged sex play, tantalising tingle, or velvety smooth protection, the perfect condoms are waiting for you in our range. We have snug-fit small condoms, larger sized condoms or discover the delights of ribs, flavours and textures. Keep yourself wrapped up and ready for action. Being responsible doesn’t have to be boring. Safe sex is always sexy. You gotta love the glove bro!