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Oh Gee offers an assortment of wand vibrators for you to choose from, these vibrators offer a large amount of power all in one arousing product. If you desire super strong vibrations that will have you screaming with pure pleasure, then you are definitely at the right place!

Most wand vibrators offer a strong head and a free-scrolling wheel that will take your orgasm to great tantalizing new heights. Experience never-ending vibrations and choose from a gentle tease to a super powerful and intense stimulation.

Many of these amazingly powerful wand vibrators are waterproof so that your stress-free bath time can include some sensual stress relieving. Although many wand vibrators are not the most beautiful looking sex toys on the market and are not as discreet as some other vibrators, what they lack for in looks they make up for in power. These vibrators pack a passionate punch that will have you coming back for more. Wand Vibrators tend to be a bit noisier when compared to other adult toys on the market, but in our opinion this does not matter as you will not be able to be quiet either.

One of the great advantages of the wand vibrators is that many are available with attachments for added fun and more focused stimulation. Most woman cannot reach an orgasm from penetration alone, wand vibrators lead the way when it comes to clitoris stimulation. Unbeatable vibrations will seek out for love button and you will want to experience the sensation over and over again! With the wand vibrator, why talk about one incredible orgasm when with this adult toy, you can expect two three or four all in one sensual session. Wand Vibrators do have another use, many types were intended for actual muscle massager (we know where is the fun in that.) so, your new favourite toy can be used to relieve stress and tension in a different type of way. Some great features for you to look forward to:
  • Many Wand Vibrators offer multi-speed options, so that you can control the intensity
  • With Oh Gee’s wide range of wand vibrators you will find many are made of latex free silicone and are body safe
  • Wand Vibrators can be used as muscle massager
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very powerful and intense, creating an indescribable sensation
  • Ideal for solo play as well as an exciting toy for couples
  • Wand Vibrators are available in many different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for you
  • Some Wand Vibrators are waterproof so that bath time can become extra fun
  • Soft massage head makes Wand Vibrators ideal for clitoral and all over body massages
  • Wand Vibrators offer a large massage head which is large enough to cover the entire vulva area., creating an all rounded orgasmic experience
Browse our online store today, and find the Wand Vibrator that is perfectly suited to you. If you would like more information on our wand vibrator products, please dont hesitate to contact us.