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Say good-bye to panty lines with your tight dresses and pants with our extensive range of G-strings and thongs. With this type of underwear, you will look and feel sexy with or without your clothes.

Did you know that there is a difference between a Thong and a G-String? Well there is a big difference, and once you know which is which you will be able to select the perfect pair to go with your outfit and lingerie.

A thong generally offers a fuller band and crotch area, whereas a G-string has a large tri-angle in the front section that is attached to a smaller small triangle at the back with dainty strings (or other materials). A G-string offers no crotch when compared to a thong.

Here at OhGee we love to make people feel and look sexy, when you are happy we are happy! This is one of the reasons we have a raunchy range of sexy thong th thong thong thong and G-strings for you to choose from. Whether you are buying sexy underwear for yourself, your partner or even as a bachelorette gift, OhGee will have the right option for you.

Why you should buy a thong or G-string

  • This type of underwear is very comfortable when bought in the correct size.
  • You can now bid farewell to those unwanted panty lines.
  • G-strings and thongs will make you feel and look sexy.
  • Thongs and G-strings will help you keep cool on warmer days.
  • Can be very comfortable.
  • Men tend to love the look of G-strings and thongs

For your partner showing some extra skin and be an extra turn on. Put on a sexy thong or G-string and let your partner drool over the sexiness before them. When you feel that you are wearing something sexy you will feel even sexier than usual which is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Some Tips for wearing and buying your sexy thongs and G-strings:

  • Consider the material when you purchase your thong or G- string. (Cotton is best.)
  • It should go without saying, but change your chosen underwear daily.
  • Opt for one size larger than your other underwear- this will be more comfortable and sanitary.
  • If this is your first time buying G-strings or thongs, remember that they might take some getting used to.
  • Remember that if you purchase a lace thong or lace G-string, panty lines may be visible (but they are extra sexy.).
  • As G-strings offer a thin waistband that sits below the waist line they are great to wear low waist clothing.
  • High- waisted things can help prevent the look of those dreaded panty lines on your hips, which is great for when you are wearing a sexy tight dress.

If you have any enquires about our G-strings, thongs or any of our other sexy lingerie options simply get in touch.