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The world of Anal Sex is super intense and will enhance both your masturbatory and couple’s sex lives.Packed with nerve endings that are extremely receptive to stimulation, both men and woman can enjoy powerful orgasms through anal penetration.

Butt play has been around since the dawn of time and anal action is the cherry on top of the sex version of an ice cream sundae: a little extra delight that completes something that was already delicious on its own.

To make that booty call extra special – for the curious or the experienced, OhGee has a great selection of warming lubes, anal relax sprays, comfort sprays and anal sex lubricants from name brands like Pjur, JO and Relaxxx. Everything you need for a sensational slide, glide and wild heinie ride. Enjoy discreet delivery of sexual lubricants and other essentials with OhGee.

Now, don’t be an ass; if you’re going to do it, do it properly! For backdoor Betty and Billy, we have a great variety of anal sex toys for the most satisfying anal play:

Anal Douches

Mostly used for hygienic reasons, but some may find douching pleasurable and fun. An anal douche is a simple device that is fitted with a tube that you top up with water and use this to squirt into your significant spot. This sensation is a bit odd in the beginning but is worth it to enhance your anal endeavours!

An essential anal sex item for those who like to keep their posterior clean and ready (we suggest waiting a while after douching). You do not have to use this every time you wish to explore the pleasures of anal sex as it can lead to tenderness.

To make sure things are extra clean you can use a condom.

Anal penetration sex toys

So here's the crack - Ease into it. You might like to start with some anal masturbation, where you can get use to the sensations of this type of penetration (you can do this solo or with your partner). You can start with a small sex toy and work your way up increasing the girth and length of your sex toy. Slowly build yourself up to penile or strap-on penetration.

Browse our extensive anal toys online today and select something that you find erotic! We know once you try it you will be coming back for more!