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Jack and Jill Parties for the Bride and Groom

Jack and Jill parties are increasingly becoming popular these days. In lieu of the traditional bridal shower that’s intended only for the bride, the couple may opt to throw a Jack and Jill party for both instead.

For those couples that prefer to host their bachelor and bachelorette parties together, we have the perfect selection of products to entertain you throughout the evening.

Why is it a good idea to combine the two parties? You will save money which you can spend on the more important day (the wedding of course) also this party revolves more around gifts than getting wasted and can be as simple as a barbeque at your house or a cocktail party at a restaurant.

Couple's wedding showers are a growing trend of pre-wedding celebrations that honor both the bride and the groom with fun activities, gifts, and good wishes, and bride and groom shower games are a staple event at these parties.

You can even use this party as a fundraiser and allow your family and friends to purchase a "ticket" at a low-cost price which would, in turn, cover the Jack and Jill party, you can even make your own jelly shots and encourage your friends and family to purchase these, who doesn’t love jelly shots? They are super easy and low budget to make.

At Oh Gee, we have some great products that will create a fun-filled evening, such as a fleshlight Mr Limpy for the bride-to-be to carry around with her throughout the evening and a big boy boob bottle for the groom to sip on for the evening. These are just a few of the fun products Oh Gee has to offer, there are an array of jelly boobs, jelly willies as well as marshmallow willies as a scrumptious sweet treat for your guests to snack on.


Plan a memorable Jack and Jill party today with Oh Gee!