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In order to have great sex and that extra dash of stimulation, OhGee’s sex essentials are a must! Keep them in your bedside drawer (or in your car’s cubby hole) for when the air gets hot and the tension high – never go unprepared again.

Ohgee’s repertoire of essentials include lubricants, sex toy cleaners, condoms and many more additions.

Keep it safe while in action by having a condom in reach and spice things up – really, spice things up – by making use of the lube that we offer.

Your sex life might be great, but with these must-haves you can come and go that extra mile in all connotations of the statement.

OhGee is the destination where you can find the things that will turn the flame between you and your partner into a wildfire that cannot be put out by anything other than pure pleasure and exhaustion.

From a naughty playdate to a good old married couple’s intimacy and exploration, you can’t go wrong with making that special moment more interesting and pleasing with these necessities for that extra spark.

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OhGee’s collection of adult toys and sex aids will bring out the shy and introverted wild side you never knew you had. It will help you express all your (se)X-rated thoughts and scenarios you’ve kept inside your head.

Intricate details are the essence of great sex and essence is the focus of these essentials. They will not disappoint when brought into the sheets - or onto kitchen top counters - between you and your lover.

Orgasming has never been easier and more thoroughly enjoyed than with this collection – it will leave you "cumming" back for more time and time again.

OhGee is more than just a name – this is exactly what you’ll be muttering when these essentials are brought into play during your one-on-one (or more – whatever the number that ranks on your to-do list) fondling.

Enhance all the dimensions of lust and love by adding sexual enhancers to your cart today and have it delivered straight to your doorstep – confidentially and discreetly – just like your wildest thoughts and cravings you’ll fulfil with the box’s contents.

That strong aura you shed around the one who arouses you can now make you irresistible and even more intriguing with the Aromas offered here – there is no such thing as too much attraction and explosion of lust. Put the sex back in sexy by adding a scent that will drive your partner crazy and weak for your touch.

Don’t forget to include batteries and hygiene elements in your parcel for that favourite toy of yours that you simply cannot resist when your partner is out of town or for when things get steamy over the phone – some play and high school naughtiness reminiscing never goes out of style when your sex-driven euphoria kicks in.

Both you and your partner (sexual or committed) can experience the epitome of climaxing by putting together a collection of your most desired essentials from Oh Gee and expect nothing other than utter satisfaction and an even greater attraction once you open that parcel and put it into use.

Exceed the feeling of sensation in sensuality by prickling your senses of sexuality.

Shop now – sweat later!