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Dildos are not gender specific nor are they restricted in any way, Dildos come in a rainbow of colours and a variety of shapes, textures and styles, OhGee is guaranteed to have the perfect dildo just for you.

Unlike your lover, your dildo never has a headache and is never too tired, whenever you start feeling ‘’sexy’’ your dildo is up for the challenge. There is absolutely no way of your dildo not pleasing you, you are the creator of your own orgasms.

Browse through our large selection of dildos, we have something for everyone. Remember to pair your dildo with one of our fabulous lubricants.

How to Choose the Perfect Dildo

Firstly, you need to envision the perfect dildo that will help you achieve your ultimate pleasures. Think of the length, OhGee’s dildos range from a modest 18 cm dildo to an average 45 cm dildo ad then also our LARGE dildos of 235 cm. Once you have the perfect size dildo you need to concentrate on the texture. Are you looking for a more realistic dildo? Rubber, jelly, latex, silicon, leather, plastic and cyber skin (if you are looking for a more lifelike feel) once you know the type of dildo you’re into we move on to how you would enjoy using this new toy.

Make sure you are in the correct mood to enjoy the full intensity of your dildo, set the mood whether you are enjoying your new toy by yourself or also for the benefit of your lover you should first warm up your body with some foreplay. You know exactly what gets your blood flowing now is the best time to experiment.

The best thing about a dildo must be that you are the one that is in control, you possess the power of multiple orgasms. The sexual fantasy ends when you have had enough.

There is also an added health benefit to the usage of dildos, not only are they fun and pleasuring but they also help tighten your internal muscles and improve the sexual functions of people who have been diagnosed with conditions that dull your nerve endings. Dildos also help maintain healthy vaginal tissue which is a huge benefit as unhealthy vaginal tissue causes vaginal atrophy. Keep your vagina healthy and purchase a dildo from OhGee.

Dildos may become even more of an advantageous toy as your sex life with your lover can become even more interesting and exciting, men are very visual. Letting your man watch you enjoying your favourite sex toy could be one of the most erotic fore play to arouse both of you at the same time. Having open communication in your relationship is the key to opening new doors to adventurous sensual activities that will have you looking forward to each encounter more than the last one.