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Intensify playtime with our selection of sex toys for couples

You may think that your sex life is already amazing, why add sex toys to the mix? Just remember that there is no such thing as too much excitement and passion in the bedroom, trying out new toys will keep the desire flowing and new adventures tend to arouse hotter sex between you and your lover. OhGee’s sex toys for couples are designed to please both you and your partner as much as physically possible.

OhGee has the largest variety of sex toys for couples to bring back the heat to your bedroom etiquette so that you can enjoy a happier healthier relationship. If you are new to sex toys then you are in for a treat, however, if you are experienced with solo sex toys and haven’t tried introducing it to your partner we have the perfect products just for you.

Enjoying sex toys with your lover could be even more satisfying than enjoying them by yourself. Don’t allow a lack of sexual intimacy to come between you and your partner, even if you have a great sex life our sex toys for couples are still a great idea to introduce into your naughty play time!

You may ask why should I bring sex toys for couples into my bedroom?

The answer to this is simple. Often in a long relationship the lust for each other’s body’s fades, this is not your fault nor is it a problem that cannot be fixed, however, this does leave room for friction, studies have shown that couples with a healthy sex life tend to have lower stress levels. This in return helps your relationship, if your relationship has lost it's ‘’spark’’ there is much you can do, incorporating sex toys for couples into your bedroom can be extremely fruitful and is highly recommended to spice up your sex life and heighten your sex drive.

At OhGee we have a range of stimulants and aphrodisiacs to start you off with, this will release pheromones to your brain heightening your sex drive (this is 100 percent natural), once things start heating up we have lubrications, flavoured, scented and lubricants that heat up once things get intense, edible licks and body paints that will arouse all your senses. We have vibrators that will cause your knees to go a week and of course the top seller we-vibe couples sex toy that has been taking couples sex lives to the ultimate level of pure pleasure.

Why not add your partner to this shopping spree, this way you will discover some fantasy’s they may have that you weren’t even aware of, and together you can decide on the sex toys for couples that peaks your interest, don’t be afraid to try out something new.