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Lubricants in a wide variety of formulas including water based and silicone lubes

Designed to increase sexual stimulation and pleasure – personal lubricants are often overlooked but they are fun, exciting and they will change your sex life! The skin is the biggest erogenous zone on the body, so why not take it up a notch with a dollop of lube?

OhGee has the right kind of lube for every kind of sex: oral, vaginal, anal, masturbation, sensual massage or foreplay. Try our arousal balms for rubbing and touching leading up to sex.

Silicone lubricants, water-based or oil based lubes – moisturising, hypoallergenic and organic.

To keep things interesting and tasty we also have flavoured, vegan and sugar-free options to compliment everyone’s dietary restrictions.

We have lube for everyone, warming, super slippery, wet, tingling, slick and thick. So, slather on lube all over to experience some extra slippery bliss with your lover.

There are 3 types of Lubricant that you can enjoy:

Water-Based Lubricants

These are the one of the most popular bought lubricants for personal use. They have no additives so this makes them the least allergenic. Water-Based Lubrications are safe to use with latex condoms and are very easy to wipe up with soap and water.

Water-Based Lubricants, do tend to evaporate quicker than other types, so you might have to reapply and use it more frequently. This type of lubricant is not the best to use in water.

Oil- Based Lubricants

These are lubricants such as baby oil and although can be used for satisfying solo use and are great to use in water and tend to last longer than other types of lubricants. Oil-Based Lubricants CANNOT BE USED WITH LATEX CONDOMS! The oil degrades the latex.... So just don’t do it if you are trying to be safe! Oil-Based Lubricates can be used with polyurethane condoms

Silicone- Based Lubricants

Silicone- Based lubricants are satisfyingly slippery (the most slippery option of the lubes.) This type of lubricant is perfect for virginal intercourse and anal penetration. Silicone- Based lubricants work well underwater and they do not damage latex. On the down side, remember to clean your sex toys well after using silicone based lubricant as they can damage silicone toys by solidifying on them.

Benefits of lubing up for your next sexual encounter:

  • Lubricants help prevent condoms from drying out, which can cause friction and discomfort.
  • Using a lubricant will help prevent pain to either partner and make your sexual encounter much more pleasurable and comfortable.
  • By creating less friction, you have less chances of the condom breaking (phew!)
  • Lubricant’s main job is to heighten pleasure and increase intimacy.

There are many variations of lubricants to choose from that will make the job at hand much more satisfying. Some lubricants will offer an added tingle, some will create a gentle warming effect that will add to your pleasure and some are even created so that you can play in the water.

The bottom line is that the extra slip and slide will definitely make sex more fun and enhance your sex life. It is time to significantly heighten your levels of complete satisfaction.

Browse our extensive range of Oh Gee lubricants and find the one that suits your sexual desires.

If you would like more information on all the lubricants and massage oils that Oh Gee has to offer, contact us today!