The Beginner’s Guide To Sex Toys

Let’s talk about sex baby! Here at OhGee passion is our game and sex is what we like to play. We offer an extensive range of high quality, fresh and exciting sex toys. You will get excited by simply browsing our online store.

From stimulation sex toys for women, powerful sex toys for men, intimate adult toys for couples and everything in-between, we have something for everyone! No matter if you are a sex toy newbie or the proud owner of a pleasure room – if it is pleasure you are seeking you have come to the right place.

There are many exciting sex toys out there that come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, all offering unique and orgasmic features and functions. Embrace your sexuality and allow yourself to explore and find out what your true fantasy is.

What are the different types of sex toys?

Not sure where to start? .If you are new to the sex toy game, then let’s have a look at the basics. Here is a list of the most popular sex toys (just to ease you into things):


Vibrators, or colloquially known as vibes, are a perfect starting point for the eager sex toy apprentice. A sex toy used for internal and external stimulation that of course vibrates, they are available in many different sizes from something discreet and subtle to a sex toy that packs a powerful and pleasing punch.

They are used for enhancing the orgasm of to aid people having trouble reaching orgasm through masturbation or intercourse. They can be used during masturbation or to enhance the pleasure of couples during intercourse and are run on mains power or batteries.

The more luxurious vibes are made of medical grade silicone and are seamless. Cleaning is always required and remember, silicone toys mustn’t be cleaned with silicone lube, just water based.


Dildos are classic sex toys intended for penetration during masturbation, foreplay and lovemaking sessions. Its where it all began.

Available in all shapes and sizes from the realistic look, shapely silicone shafts to vibrating versions and strap-on varieties, they are a good ol’ drawer essential for riding solo or playing together.

The dildo is used by all genders and orientations, both vaginal and anal penetration and comes in various guises.

For direct pleasure to your sweet spots from vaginal play to butt-plugs for anal play through to double-ended for big banging fun – OhGee has a huge range of dildo sex toys for you to entertain yourself with.

wand vibratorsWands

Wand vibrators put the OG in OhGee. These magical sex toys are for external and some internal that range from curvy to straight for maximum clitoral stimulation. Certain Wand models can double up as actual muscle massages – you can use it to massage any area you want — nipples, belly, etc.

With their powerful and exhilarating vibrations, these pleasure wands are the ultimate luxury toy for any sex toy collection. Wands typically have a long, thick body with a large bulb on the end, giving your hot spot complete coverage.

Some Magic Wands also come in smaller, travel-friendly sizes, ideal sex toys for any woman who loves a good, powerful clit stimulation.

Couple’s Sex ToysWe-Vibe Classic

Could your relationship use some spice? Better intimacy? More orgasms? New experiences? We would argue that any sex toy can be used by open-minded couples, but in this online section you will find couple’s massagers, double dildos, vibrators that are C- shaped and can be worn during sex with your partner, as well as remote control vibrators that can offer some long distance (or close distance) fun.

Sex toy kits, sex aids, lubes, adult games and let’s not forget sexy fun with 50 Shades of Grey bondage play. Choose from our wide selection of couple’s sex toys from OhGee to introduce a fun new twist to your sex life.

Rocks Off Big BoyAnal Sex Toys

If the idea of playing with the back door gets you a little excited but don’t know where to begin, anal beads, anal probes, strap-on’s & butt plugs are just some of the amazing unisex anal toys you can try.  Perfect for both solo and couples play. Once you’re ready for a more advanced level, strap-on dildos are ideal for switching up the gender roles. You will find these sex toys are available in many different shapes and sizes.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are the perfect beginner’s sex toy for couples for a whole host of reasons. Traditionally used to create a fuller, larger and long-lasting erection but now can be found with vibrators attached for some added pleasure.

They keep your man harder for longer; it slows him down and keeps him in the moment, and stimulates your clit at the same time. Everybody wins.

Once you can both handle the simple, stretchy styles, why not step up your game? Vibrating cock rings will send shivers down your man’s spine while the attached bullet works your clit like a vibe. A quick exchange of rings and you’ll be committed to better sex for the rest of your life.

Browse our stimulating world of sex toys and find the one that tickles your fancy (or vibrates it.) and add it to your online cart today.  We will deliver your new chosen sex toy, to your chosen address in South Africa inconspicuously and as quickly as possible.