The Buzz For Clitoral Vibrators

When it comes to orgasms in women, the clitoris is the golden ticket. Movies and porn would have you believe insertion is enough to provide wild release, and it’s sad that many go through life believing as such. But let us tell you, it’s bogus!

It takes a little more effort than penetration to reach orgasm, but even a little goes a long way. Clitoral stimulation, even with a handy finger, is great stuff. With some good lubrication and a determined pointer, you can have those toe-curling orgasms you crave.

But why stop there? With a market full of amazing sex toys, designed by the best internationally renowned toy makers out there, it’s to find toys that will blow you away. From body wands with their earth-shaking vibrations to tickling rabbit-eared vibrators, you’re practically spoilt for choice!

So many options make choosing rough though. But fret not dear reader. For not all toys are created equal, and when it comes to the clitoral vibrators, we’d like to introduce you to the front-runners in female masturbation; the Lelo Sona and Womanizer Pro 40.

The Lelo Sona

Lelo Sona Vibrator
SONA is a sonic clitoral massager That means it doesnt rely on vibrations like a conventional sex toy Instead it uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris not just the external part you can see and touch

Let’s start with the famous Lelo. Lelo is renowned for their stylish toys. Toys that get the job done. And the Sona is no exception. Unlike other clitoral vibrators, the Sona doesn’t have a vibrating motor. No no, it uses sonic pulses to not just stimulate the outside of the clitoris, but the pulses penetrate to stimulate the inner arms of the clitoris as well.

This may be a new concept to most, but the clitoris is not just the nub you can feel with your finger. The muscle extends in two arms, and when masturbating you tend to only stimulate a small part of it. Only a few toys can stimulate the whole muscle, external and internal.

Sonic pulses, you ask? Well, think of it like when you stand in front of a really big pair of bassy speakers and a club mix starts playing. Those pulses you feel reverberating through you are the same pulses the Sona delivers to your lady parts.

Here’s Lelo’s Product video, which we think says a lot.

This is exciting stuff! The internal stimulation promises new, earth-shaking orgasms that you wouldn’t achieve from external stimulation alone. There’s a number of settings for every intensity you could desire, so you can work your way through slow, teasing sensations to a built-up release, or power straight through to a quick, earth-shattering orgasm. The choice is yours.

The Lelo Sona comes waterproof, rechargeable, and crafted out of 100% body safe soft, subtle silicone, which is non-porous for your safety. All wrapped up in pretty, simple packaging. Pleasure has never looked this good! The Sona is easy to use and handle, and while it may look large, it can be used during sex with some manoeuvring on your part. If there’s a will, there’s a way right?

Now let’s move onto the next powerhouse when it comes to the female orgasm.

The Womanizer Pro 40

Womanizer pro 40 Clitoris Vibe

Don’t let the name deceive you, dear readers. This brand really does care about your happiness. So much so that they have innovated and worked on their original clitoral vibrator to create the amazing Womanizer Pro 40. It’s an exciting, highly stimulating experience.

While other toys work on vibrations, and the Lelo Sona works on Sonic Waves, the Womanizer is a suction-based clitoral stimulator. With two attachable nozzles, big and small, it caters to different clitoris sizes, and also allows for broad or pinpoint stimulation.

In essence, this suction toy feels like some really good cunnilingus! It comes with a range of strengths from light suction to the highest, most intense suction you could fathom. So there’s a strength for everyone. And because there’s no actual contact with the clit, you can have multiple orgasms, avoiding the oversensitivity that can occur from regular finger/vibration stimulation.

Womanizer Pro 40 Clitoris Vibe
The Womanizer Pro is your best friend for those warm bubble baths by candlelight or in the shower for the water savers

The Womanizer Pro40 is entirely waterproof, with the nozzle made of soft 100% body safe, non-porous silicone. The body is made of body safe ABS plastic and silicone. It’s an excellent toy for a candlelit bath, and the toy has a strong orange light built in when turned on, adding to the candlelit effect (we love this feature!). This toy is also super easy to hold and use, by yourself or during sex thanks to its sleek, thin design.

So there you have it, ladies. If you’re looking for some clitoral fun for solo or couple play, we highly recommend these two toys! Competitively priced and of the utmost quality, these toys are sure not to disappoint. Whether sonic waves or suction tickles your fancy, these touch-free toys are both available from our OhGee Online Store. Remember that if you have any questions on these toys, we’d be happy to help answer your questions.

Thanks for reading!