Hygiene Tips for Sex Toys

You might be wondering why hygiene tips for sex toys are such an important aspect, but we’ll clear that up for you pretty soon.

While sex toys are great fun and pleasure, we always need to remember to keep them clean. After all, we are planning on using them on or inside the most sacred parts of our bodies.

There are different types of cleaners for different sex toys, and in order for you to distinguish between them, we have put together a list of hygiene tips for sex toys along with the different products that you can look into buying.

Keep your adult toys clean and you won’t ever have to worry about any technicalities or dangers ever again.

Besides, we cannot imagine that anyone would want to use a sex toy that hasn’t been washed in a few days or even in a  few hours!

hygiene for sex toys

Top 5 hygiene tips for sex toys:


1. Always, and we mean ALWAYS, clean your sex toys right before and after use

Even if you are only using your sex toys for yourself and not a significant other, it is always best to keep them clean all the time.

This also helps keep your toys in their best possible condition which means they will last a  lot longer and won’t need to be replaced that soon. The reason for this is that the material won’t start degrading or losing colour.

For the last note here, if you store unwashed toys together, they can contaminate each other with bacteria.


2. Not all sex toys can be cleaned with water

Yes, most sex toys can be rinsed, but if you have one that works with batteries or a cord, it is probably not such a great idea.

This is why certain sex toys need to have specific cleaners bought for them in order to keep them clean.

Just imagine how sad it would be if you just cleaned your toy before using it only to switch it on and nothing happens.

Rather be safe than sorry and invest in proper hygiene products!


3. Store them in sealable bag

That’s right, it might sound a bit extreme, but this will prevent bacteria from forming on the surface of your sex toys.

On that note, it is also best to not store them in direct sunlight and to remove the batteries from battery operated toys.

This way, you can’t possibly go wrong with keeping them clean and safe between uses.

sex toy hygiene

4. NEVER switch from vaginal to anal without cleaning

This is a vital point to keep in mind at all times. If you have separate toys for anal and vaginal play, that is great.

If you use the same toy for both, you might want to reconsider simply switching it around during your play time.

There is a lot of bacteria surrounding the anal area, and if inserted into the vaginal region, you could end up getting an STI such as a bladder infection.

Like they say, prevention is better than cure.


5. Changed your sexual partner? Change your sex toys!

This might seem unnecessary to you, but out of pure respect for your new sexual partner, it is best to not use the same old toys you have used for other people.

The reason we say this is because a lot of sex toys are porous and can be hard to clean thoroughly.

If you are not up to replace your toys, the only other option is to use a condom!

The only exception here are toys such as glass dildos. These can be used time and time again as long as you sterilize them first.


Okay, now that you are aware of our hygiene tips for sex toys, let’s have a look at some of the products you can buy.

sex toy cleaners

Useful sex toy cleaners to invest in:

  • If you own a Fleshlight device, this Fleshlight Wash MBS is perfect to keep it in tip top shape! It is an anti-bacterial spray that works fast and effective.


  • Got a few malesation toys that need to be looked after? You have found your solution with this MALESATION Cleaner – what’s even better is that you can use it after play time to freshen up your genital area too!


  • We’re sure almost everyone owns a LELO sex toy and in order to look after them, you can purchase this Lelo Toy Cleaning Spray – fast acting and it is also alcohol and paraben free.


sex toy cleanliness

From now on, you can enjoy safe and clean solo or shared playtime with your adult toys. Never spend a second worrying about your cleanliness again with these hygiene tips for sex toys!

As much as it is enjoyable, it is always best to keep your body in mind and look after it the best way you possibly can.

As mentioned, your genitals are the most sacred part of your body and deserve to be treated with care and love.