Do You Know Where to Hide Your Sex Toys? Here’s Top 5 Hiding Places for Sex Toys

Do you own a sex toy, but you don’t really want anybody else to know about it? May it be your parents, housemates or partner. There are a million and one scenarios that come to mind when you think of reasons to hide your sex toys. Well, we are here to tell you where to hide your sex toys so you can keep your dirty little secret, a secret.

Sex toys are pretty intimate and personal items to own and of course, we can understand that you’d like to keep it that way. We’re pretty sure nobody wants to unexpectedly find your sex toys lying around, either.

It’s a bit of a pity having to hide such a wonderful possession away, but just imagine you and your partner have your parents over for dinner and they find a cock ring in the bathroom? Not the best scenario to think of, now is it?

Not sure where to hide your sex toys? So, let’s solve this case once and for all to avoid any future treasures being found.

Top 5 Hiding Places for Sex Toys:

1. Your bedside drawer

This is first on the list, as it is not THE most discreet option, however… if you only have one key to open it with and you’re the only person with access to that key, it can work pretty well.

It’s definitely better than just simply leaving it in a drawer with no lock at all. Hopefully, nobody is so curious to know what’s in there that they’d try and break it open.

So, if you’re comfortable with doing this, go ahead! This is definitely a great option for couples or singles with kids in the house. We all know how much they love to snoop around and dig in things they are not supposed to.

where to hide your sex toys

2. Empty tampon boxes

This one is for the ladies! Do you own a sneaky little vibrator that you’re not too sure where to hide? Well, stop throwing away those tampon boxes once they’re empty. No one besides you should be looking in your tampon box, so we think this is a pretty good option for the smaller sized adult toys.

Just be sure if your friend needs a tamp that you give it to her instead of telling her to go look for one in the bathroom.

As for guys, don’t try this one – females are bound to look through ALL the tampon boxes in the house before throwing them out and you will be caught red-handed.

sex toy hiding spots

3. The bedside lamp vase

This is a perfect solution for average sized dildos – both vaginal and anal. The only thing you need to make sure of here is that you’re the only one who gets to change the burnt out light bulbs! Just be sure that your vase doesn’t light up when the lamp is on because that would give it away in literally seconds. Besides, there is no other reason to look inside the vase of a lamp unless it’s for changing the bulb.

where to hide sex toys

4. Got an old teddy bear?

This might scar your childhood memories a bit, but hey if it works. Simply cut it open and insert your sex toy. The only variable here is the size of the teddy bear and the size of your toy – they need to complement each other. The idea is that you CAN’T see the sex toy from any angle.

Just be sure to sew it back together or cover up the open part so that it is not noticeable. You also want to make sure that no one besides you will be holding that teddy bear, otherwise, things might get VERY awkward VERY quickly.

hiding spots for sex toys

5. Not all water bottles are for drinking

That’s right – you can use a water bottle to store your toys away. No one will suspect it and besides, no one will just use someone else’s water bottle out of the blue without asking first. So, pop it in there and just be sure to remember where you put it. This is also a great option for quick solutions when you have an unexpected visitor knocking on the door.

discreet hiding spots

Now that you have some options on where to hide your sex toys, here are some extra tips:

  • ALWAYS keep your sex toys clean by using a hygienic cleanser
  • REMOVE the batteries from your sex toy if it works with them. You don’t want your secret spot to start vibrating out of the blue
  • Remember to hide your lube along with your sex toy (if you have lube)

We hope these hiding spots will help you keep your item of pleasure known to only yourself. The last thing anybody needs in life is for their privacy and sexual desires to be exploited to the wrong people (or to anyone, as a matter of fact).

Sex toys are there to please and relax you, not to cause you more stress. So be sure to take measures that will keep it discreet.

Imagine having to sit at work and worry about someone finding your toy while you’re not home? No thanks!

Happy hiding!