Lingerie For Different Personalities

Have you ever gone out looking for lingerie, but it just simply doesn’t “fit your personality”? It doesn’t scream “yes, this is ME” when you look in the mirror? Well, ladies, you are not alone in this one!

I am sure we can all relate when it comes to this type of scenario – unless this is your first time shopping for some sexy undies!

Lucky for you, there ARE different lingerie for different personalities and we are here to help you decide what would suit you best and make you feel comfortable and sexy at all times.

You want your lingerie to not only complement your physical aspects, but also the type of person you are – whether in the bedroom or on any casual day under your clothing.

Lingerie can definitely spice up things in the bedroom, but it is also a huge confidence booster when you slip into that sexy piece of material that hugs you just right and makes you feel like the true vixen you are on the inside!

Without further ado, let’s have a look at lingerie for different personalities so that YOU can finally get that perfect outfit.

Different Lingerie for Different Personalities – Which one are you?

The Temptress Queen

Have you got an inner dark side that no one is quite aware of? The one that likes to tease, tantalize and take total control over the situation, unlike the good girl act you have to put up? Yes?

We have got the PERFECT solution for you.

You are going to want to go for something black, mischievous and a bit naughty. Think cat-woman, but sassier and more revealing.

Have a look at our Demoniq DD Amanda set for some inspiration!


All About The Charm

Some people just simply have that natural charm to them that no one can resist, and if that is you, take pride in it!

The only way to take advantage of that is to get a matching set of sexy lingerie to top it all of.

Go from being irresistible to being an absolute necessity once you step into the bedroom.

Think lace, satin and soft such as this beautiful Demoniq EA Clarisee Set that we have got waiting for you.


Romance is your forte

Red roses, chocolate boxes, love scenes and perfume – you love the sense of romance and everything about it.

Express your heart and soul through your lingerie by focusing on colours that will shout “love me, I’m yours” such as red, pink and white.

Make him appreciate your beauty in all ways with a set such as the Anais Candy Girl Set or the Demoniq EA Calixte.


It is all about the show

All things sparkly, sexy accessories and extravagant looks are what you are all about!

You absolutely love putting on a good show by strutting your stuff and showing your lover what you’ve got in store for them.

May it be roleplay, dressing up or keeping it somewhat simple, we have got you covered (slightly).

Have a look at the Anais Lily and Anais Feromoni sets for some ideas.


Candy, sweets and summer love

You’re a real sweetheart (with a big sweet tooth), but with a cute and dangerous, side that is next to impossible to NOT want!

You love pink, frilly things that make you look innocent and kind, yet sexy and daunting.

It is all about temptation and acting like you’ve never broken a heart before in your life.

Take control and express yourself with a set such as the Anais Magnolia Set, Anais Shame or the Anais Candy Girl Set.


An absolute vixen at heart

You are all about the “hot” stuff. The jaw-dropping, very revealing and “you make my palms sweat” kind of girl.

You want to make sure you hit the spot just right with what you choose.

The only goal you have in mind is to make your partner lose their breath at the slightest look and drop to their knees from the faintest touch.

Be sure to have a look at the Demoniq DD Noemi and the Demoniq BR Maxime to bring out your inner devilish-side.

So, which one are you?! Have you found your ultimate set of lingerie that will truly portray your deepest desires?

The girl that has been wanting to come out and play for all this time, but simply never had the essentials to get her there?

No matter what category you fall in, or if you’re a bit of them all, here at OhGee we aim to please your each and every need whether in or out of the sheets by providing top quality products.

Feel free to browse the rest of our collection and keep an eye on our blog for upcoming tips, advice and SO much more!

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