Best Tips and Tricks for Condoms

When it comes to having intercourse, there is one thing that we all dread the most – wearing condoms for protection.

They don’t only take away most of the sensation, but they simply don’t look or smell very appealing, either.

We all know that this too often leads to it being removed halfway through and then all safety falls through the floor, too.

Sex is fun, exhilarating and a very special moment if shared with a loved one, but we do need to take precaution before there is an unexpected bun in the oven, now don’t we?

Yes, there are other ways such as contraception, but that is not always the case and then you’re going to have to compensate and make use of those rubbery rain jackets!

Due to the fact that no one likes them, yet we DO need them, we are here to provide you with a list of the best tips and tricks for condoms!

It might not sound possible, but it’s time to make sex with condoms more pleasurable!

tips for using condoms

Our list of the best tips and tricks for condoms


  1. Add lube inside the condom

This might seem a bit silly at first as condoms are already lubricated, but what’s the harm done in adding some more lube?

They always say the more the merrier, so don’t exclude lube and condoms from that statement.

It can add back some of the sensations and most likely make you last longer, too!

The only thing to keep in mind here is to NOT use oil-based lubes as they can break the condom.

That would kind of defeat the whole purpose, wouldn’t it?

Why not try a water-based lube? OhGee has a wide variety for you to choose from, so get browsing!

Not to worry, this is only the first of the best tips and tricks for condoms!


  1. Use flavoured condoms

You might be wondering how on earth this makes any difference in sensation, but think about it this way – you can have your partner put the condom on with their mouth to make things a bit more exciting and pleasurable.

This way it will seem like less of a distraction and more part of the foreplay which aids in the build-up instead of having to put it on last minute.

Besides – your partner will enjoy it too as it will activate their taste buds and aid in more senses being used.

condom tips

  1. Try different textures

Condoms are boring, yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to go for THE most boring option. Lately, there are so many different types of condoms to choose from that you can’t really run out of new ones to try.

You get ribbed ones, super thin ones, looser fitting ones and so much more!

Test and try different ones until you find one that actually doesn’t feel that bad to either you or your partner.


  1. Open the wrapper during foreplay

One of the most awkward and off-putting moments is when everything is superheated and you’re ready to go and your partner has to whisper “get the condom”.

This is generally followed by scrambling to get one, struggling to get it open and then the dreadful moment where you put it on the wrong way around the first time you try.

This delay can make things a bit less exciting and take away from the initial penetration, but you can avoid that by making sure to open the wrapper during foreplay.

This way you will be ready for when the moment commences.

On that note, don’t store your condoms in another room – keep them next to your bed in the drawer or somewhere close so it is only a reach away.

Also, be sure that you’re always fully stocked. You don’t want to realize at that very moment that you’re all out, now do you?

advice on using condoms

  1. They can make you last longer

This might not be a way to make them more fun, but the people out there who suffer from premature ejaculation can benefit from this.

Due to the material used for condoms and the sensation being taken away, it can make you last longer in bed!

We guess this is the one plus side of condoms desensitizing you.

You don’t only have to suffer from premature ejaculation though. If you just simply want to have a longer time in bed with your lover, trust condoms to help you with that.

Now that you are aware of the best tips and tricks for condoms, don’t forget to try one of these next time the opportunity comes around!

Taking precaution doesn’t have to feel like a disappointment or distraction – there is always a way around these things and we hope that this has helped you figure it all out!

It’s time to step up the game and show your partner that you’ve been doing your research to keep the pleasure high while being safe and considerate.