Lingerie Guide for Special Occasions

We have put together a lingerie guide for special occasions in order to help YOU look your sexiest when celebration time hits!

This can be for your honeymoon, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even to celebrate a new job that you recently got – the list of reasons to look and feel sexy, is endless, however, we have selected a few of them to cover.

Sure we can all buy our loved ones a gift as a sign of love and care, but why not spice things up, take your partner by surprise and slip into something comfortable, yet jaw-dropping?

Lingerie has a special way of complimenting our natural curves, skin tone as well as our personalities, and if you choose the perfect one, you will literally be irresistible!

So, without further ado, follow this lingerie guide from OhGee to make sure you get it just right.

Lingerie guide to Special Occasions

Of course, the most important things to keep in mind always come down to your body shape, the message you are trying to send as well as your skin colour and personality. You want something to bring out your inner vixen, your confidence and sass. So, always be sure to keep this in mind when it comes to the below guide!

The honeymoon:

Picture this: It is your special night. The wedding party is over, you’re in the car on the way to your honeymoon destination and you can feel the excitement build up inside of you.

All alone with the person you just decided to share your life with and you simply cannot wait for them to see what you’ve got on underneath your dress..

So, when it comes to your wedding night, think about it detail. Think thin, lacey and daring materials that’ll intrigue your lover to explore every little aspect of your body. The more detail, the more reason for him to stare and dissect you.

Regarding colour, white is definitely recommended as it is your honeymoon, but if there is something that complements you better, then surely go for it!

Here are two of OhGee’s favourites:

lingerie for special occasions

Valentine’s love:

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be the same every single year – it all comes down to what we make of it, right? So why not make it fun, sexy, exciting and memorable?!

As Valentine’s Day is the day of love, we are going to stick to the following colours: white, red and pink! Now it all comes down to what exactly you are looking to express with your lingerie.

Do you want to seduce him? Are you going for something more romantic? Something naughty and teasing?

No matter what mood you are in, OhGee has got you covered (but only slightly)!

Here are some of our favourite Valentine’s Day lingerie:


Anniversary celebrations:

Anniversaries are truly something special and as it only comes once a year (if you celebrate it that it way), so you better make the most out of it!

Another year has passed with your loved one and it is time to reminisce as well as create new memories to look back on.

Last year you might have gone away for the weekend, the year before that you might have done nothing! But this year is the year to take away your partner’s breath and remind them what a duchess he married.

Once again, it all comes down to what you want to express, but try and go for something that will spark some memories and show him your sassy yet beautiful side.

Here are OhGee’s top two choices:

lingerie guides

We all love surprises!

Sometimes the simple things in life are what we adore most.

Has your partner recently landed a new job? Or got promoted to their current one? Is it their birthday? Did they achieve a personal life goal?

When these simple, yet important life experiences happen, we tend to not celebrate them the way we should.

Some flowers, a box of chocolates and a kiss are generally what we all op0t for, but it’s time to change things up!

Make your partner feel appreciated, loved for and that their efforts and achievements don’t go unnoticed.

Slip on something sexy and make their day or night one to remember! Here is some inspiration from OhGee to help you out:

There we have it, ladies! We hope our lingerie guide has helped you figure out what to wear on your next special occasion.

Remember, when it comes to sexy lingerie, it is all about what brings out our confidence – so be sure to pick something that fits nicely and makes you feel like an absolute queen.

It’s time to set the bar and show your loved one exactly how intimate, sexy and creative you can be when it comes to special times you share together.

Besides what we listed above, feel free to browse our lingerie section for more items to choose from!

Happy shopping and celebrating.