How To Last Longer in Bed

One thing that both men and women have wondered about, discussed and debated is  “How To Last Longer in Bed” – in this case, we are referring to men.

There are a lot of men out there who prematurely ejaculate during intercourse and it can make the situation unpleasant for both parties – the man could feel embarrassed or a need to last longer and the other partner might feel dissatisfied and turned off.

Of course, this is not the ideal situation, especially not when it happens time and time again without having any control over it.

Surely you have wondered whether there is a way to overcome this, but have not yet succeeded in doing so.

Firstly, don’t blame yourself for it – there are many factors that can lead up to this. It can either start in the early stages of your life or even the later ones. Sometimes it is a psychological effect of stress and depression and sometimes it roots back to your childhood days when you first became sexually active.

So, no need to feel ashamed or less fortunate!

Now, let’s get down to the more interesting part that you have been waiting for this whole time which will cover tips and tricks on how to last longer in bed.

How To Last Longer in Bed

How To Last Longer in Bed: Our Top 5 Tips for Men

  1. Play with yourself first

Yes, that is very straightforward, but we mean it just like that! If you ejaculate through masturbation the same day before you have sex, you will find that you will last longer when the time comes.

The same as after exercise, when you orgasm, your body needs to recover and when you don’t give it the time that it needs, it will take you longer to get that explosive release of endorphins and sexual pleasure.


  1. Heat things up before burning out

By this, we mean taking part in foreplay before having sex. You have to slowly prepare yourself for the actual intercourse so that when it actually does happen, your stimulation levels will shoot up from nothing to 100, but rather from 50 to 100.

This way, the initial penetration won’t be too sensitive to your penis.

You can switch around with different types of foreplay to make the penis, in a sense, more “prepared” for the real deal.


  1. Use a thicker condom next time

This one can work pretty well if your form of protection is to use only condoms. Even if you are on a birth control pill, this method can still be used if the main goal is to get him to last longer.

Due to the thick material, his sensations will be dulled down and he will most likely rock your bones for a prolonged period of time.

The less he feels, the longer it will take for him to hit that sweet spot.

Just as a side note, rather buy thicker condoms than try and use two at the same time. We’re sure you can imagine what can go wrong there.

Lasting Longer in Bed

  1. Make use of a cock ring

Cock rings are known for making men last longer and have bigger and better erections. The cock ring prevents some of the blood flow that goes to the penis, which keeps him from ejaculating faster.

As an example, take a straw and a glass of water. If you bend the straw, the water won’t come through.

The same concept goes for a man’s penis, but don’t bend it though – that won’t turn out very well at all.


  1. Distract yourself

When it feels like you are about to have an orgasm, try and distract yourself by either stopping and waiting for a few seconds or minutes or think about something mundane such as a math equation. Maybe even try to do some deep breathing to recuperate and ease down.

This will take away your need to ejaculate and help you fire it up again when you are ready to continue the fornication.

It might sound a bit unpleasant, but hey, if you want to hit that home run, you’re going to have to do whatever it takes gents.

There you have it! We have given you our top five tips on how to last longer in bed. Try one of them or maybe even try them all – there is only one way to find out which one is going to help you the most. Experiment with it, get to know your body and most of all try and have fun while doing so.

One day you might master it and last longer than you ever even imagined you could.

How To Last Longer

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Head on over, start browsing and choose whichever one sounds best, add it to your cart and await the pleasure to arrive at your doorstep.

We wish you well on your journey and hope that you can get control over your premature ejaculation and blow your partner’s brains next time (and your own too).