Our Top Masturbation Tips for Men

Due to our previous blog post on Masturbation Tips for Women, we have had quite a few requests to do one on Masturbation Tips for Men – it would seem that the sexual frustration lies deep in both ladies and men.

We listened to our beloved readers and decided to provide them with EXACTLY what they need.

For men, it is not as easy to speak about masturbation with each other and that is why we are here to provide you with the tips you are too scared to ask your friends.

As we all know, it is much harder for men to hide when they are aroused (especially in the mornings) and of course you want to sort yourself out in the times that someone is not there to do it for you.

Some men also prefer keeping their virginity for that one special lady and masturbation is their go-to solution. Sometimes a change in technique might just be exactly what you need to spice it up and get your solo sessions back to where they first were.

With some research and information from those the who speak from experience, we have put together a list of masturbation tips for men to help you put the “o” in your orgasm.

masturbation tips for men

Top 5 Masturbation Tips for Men:

  1. The tip of the lollipop

One of the most sensitive parts of the penis is definitely the tip! It has a large number of nerve endings and therefore guarantees a mind-blowing feeling when you pay some attention to it.

Simply add some lube to your thumb, index and middle finger and play around with different speeds and pressures of stroking. Find what you like most and continue with doing exactly that.

You can thank us later 😉


  1. Treat yourself to a toy

There are many sex toys out there for men, but the one that gets as close to reality as possible, is definitely the Fleshlight range.

These are hand-held devices that are shaped to replicate the interior feeling of either a vagina, mouth or anus – they also guarantee to feel JUST as good!

They will help you get through those sex droughts we all experience every now and then as well as give you the stimulation that you need.

It might just become your go-to toy of all time!


  1. You don’t only have a penis

You know those two ball-shaped items hanging below your penis? Where all the semen are stored away?

Those have feelings too and can add a lot of sensation to your solo play time. There are many ways to fondle with them such as slightly squeezing, rolling them around in your hands, pulling them up towards or away from your shaft – these techniques will all aid in the experience and have you explode of pleasure.

Double the stimulation, double the pleasure, guys!

masturbation tips for men

  1. Take it slow

There is no need to rush your masturbation, so why not play around and get to know yourself a bit better?

Play with different speeds, different types of lube (such as cream, vaseline, soap or even fruit, but we recommend not using it too often. If you masturbate a lot, rather invest in some proper lube.) and different pressure points.

The longer you keep yourself from blowing up early, the bigger and better your orgasm will be.

Also, a bit of a taboo to most men who are heterosexual, but playing around with your back door can actually feel pretty amazing. We’re not saying put something up there, but tease a bit and see how that makes you feel.

We all have hidden pleasures!


  1. Don’t deny your one hand

Using one hand is fun, but using two can be even better!

Use your one hand to stroke while using the other hand’s fingers to slide underneath your shaft – get creative!

There are many little pressure points you might not be aware of that you could easily discover just by experimenting a bit.

Or, instead of using both simply use the one you normally leave out of the picture. It might feel a bit odd at first, but stroking from a different side might feel better and there is only one way to find out.

Alright, gents! That is what we have got for you today and be sure to keep an eye out for our weekly blog post – there will be more following for further sex tips and advice!

We hope that our masturbation tips for men have given you some inspiration and insight on having the best solo orgasm you could possibly ever have.

Next time when the hormones are sky high and you have got no one but yourself, try out our tips and you might just have solved your boring masturbation times for good!

There is nothing wrong with pleasing yourself, so you might as well make it the best time EVERY time, am I right?