Sex Toys During Pregnancy: What you need to know

So the deed is done and the bun is in the oven. Wondering if sex toys, oral sex, masturbation and everything in between the sheets are safe while you are expecting?

For all the pregnant ladies out there and their accompanying partners, we are here to educate you on sex toys during pregnancy!

Your body is starting to change in all kinds of ways and your hormones are definitely all over the place. This means that a lot of women are actually more sexually active in this time than in general. Sex can become a rather tricky thing to achieve once your belly pops, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop having fun.

A lot of people tend to think that having intercourse or playing with adult toys during pregnancy can somehow be harmful to the little one, but we can assure you that it is 100% okay. However, we do recommend you go see your GP just to make sure!

Now, your next question might be “Okay, I can use sex toys during pregnancy, but WHICH ones are the best?”

No need to worry, we will be covering this for you so that you can have all the information that you need.

Let’s get started.

Sex Toys During Pregnancy: All you need to know

What about masturbation?

This might not be a sex toy, but a lot of people prefer masturbation over sex toys, so we decided to cover this as well.

Masturbation is perfectly fine during pregnancy, BUT if your doctor has told you that orgasms are off the books, you are going to have to give it a skip.

There are mainly two reasons for you to NOT have an orgasm and that is if you’re having a high-risk pregnancy or premature labour.

If you are not in this boat, you can masturbate all you want! Besides, it is a great way to release any tension that you are feeling and it will help you have a very peaceful sleep as well.

using sex toys while pregnant

Sex Toys, Anal and More During Pregnancy

Can I use a dildo or vibrator?

Dildos and vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys amongst females and for obvious reasons – they make us feel really good!

Lucky for you, both of them are safe to use while your baby is growing inside of you!

This means that normal penetration is fine, but finding a comfortable position can be hard which is where dildos come into the picture.

All you need to be sure of is that whatever you use is 100% clean. We recommend you boil any sex toys for about 10 minutes to make sure all bacteria is off, but for the ones that are battery operated, you can wash them with antibacterial soap in warm water.

Can we do anal?

A lot of women tend to get haemorrhoids during pregnancy, and if you have fallen victim to it, we highly recommend you do not take part in any anal penetration.

However, if your doctor signed off normal sex, you can take part in anal sex too!

As always, be sure to use lube when doing this for maximum comfort and pleasure – OhGee stocks a wide range of lubes for you to try – even flavoured ones!

The one thing we would like to highlight here more than anything else is that you simply CANNOT switch from anal sex to vaginal penetration without cleaning yourself first. This counts even when you aren’t pregnant, but do keep it in mind for your pregnancy.

If you don’t follow this golden rule, bacteria could seriously infect you as well as your baby.

And what about oral sex?

If your doctor has advised that you avoid vaginal penetration, oral sex can be a great alternative!

Anything besides blowing air into the vagina is fine as this can cause an air embolism.

Oral sex for the woman is also okay and so is swallowing semen, so you can still have a lot of fun!

having sex during pregnancy

Our recommended sex toys:

As we have discussed above, using dildos and vibrators are totally fine, but we do recommend to use the most natural looking dildo.

Avoid using ones with different shapes and features as this can cause you some pain. Have a look at the following options for dildos:

Pregnancy Sex: Which positions can we try?

If you do want to use sex toys, but still want to try have normal sex, there are a few options you can try.

The baby bump tends to get in the way and can be rather frustrating and uncomfortable, making the sex unpleasurable.

Of course, we want to try and avoid this. So give the following positions a try and see if one of them works for you:

  • Both of you lie on your side, creating a V-shape with your bodies. You can wedge a pillow under your back for extra support as you rest both your legs over his hips as he penetrates you. This prevents any pressure being put on your belly.
  • Cowgirl is still 100% safe as well as pleasurable while pregnant. It allows you to control the depth of penetration.
  • Have your partner sit on a chair near a wall and then proceed to climb on top of him. The wall will help you get up once you are done.
  • You can also have him lie behind you in bed and penetrate you like that. You can play around with pillows in different places as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Shift your bum to the edge of the bed while you lie on your back with a slight bend in your knees. You can also wedge a pillow under the one side of your back to avoid lying completely flat. Your partner can either kneel or stand depending on how high the bed is.

These are just a few recommended positions, but there are still many more that you can try!

We hope we have shed some light on using sex toys during pregnancy and that you will have endless amounts of fun over the next 9 months!

If you aren’t allowed to have any orgasms, don’t let it get you down. Just imagine how amazing the first one will be once your doctor gives you the go-ahead again!

Happy shopping and remember to bookmark this post on sex toys during pregnancy for future reference.