Choosing the Right Condom Size

Practising safe sex is one of the most important aspects ever and most people opt for condoms, but choosing the right condom size is often where the tricky part comes in.

This might sound a bit silly to you because you’d think that if everyone knows the size of their penis, they’d know what condom to get, right?

That is very true, yes, but finding the right condom can actually be harder than you might think.

Penises don’t get labelled Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large, but condoms do so you need to figure out which category you fall under.

You want to choose one that’s going to make the sex just as enjoyable as it would be without one, so you might want to do some research first.

No one wants to have an uncomfortable experience when things are getting hot and steamy.

Too loose? It might come off and defeat the whole purpose of the condom in the first place!

Too tight? It’s going to tear and also give you a nice surprise 9 months later.

Too short? The semen can leak out at the bottom.

Too long? All sensation will be lost.

As you can see from the above stated, choosing the right condom size can play a rather big role in both your pleasure as well as your safety, so let’s get straight to it then!

Choosing the right condom size: how?

Needed measurements:

  1. Measure your penis length

This is going to be the very first step you take when it comes to choosing the right condom size.

Don’t make it seem any more complicated than what it is – you simply need a ruler or measuring tape and you are good to go!

Start at the base of your penis and end at the very tip – obviously you’ll have to do these measurements while you are erect.

Write this down and move on to the next step!

condom size guide

  1. Time for the width (girth)

For this one, you’re going to have to lay your ruler to the side!

You are going to need a piece of string or measuring tape in order to get the job done right – also for the most accurate results!

Gently wrap the string around your penis at the thickest part, mark where the string meets and then measure the distance with a ruler and there you have it! The girth of your (erect) penis.

Now what?

Now that you have all the measurements you need, it is time to compare yourself to the average penis size (and yes, there is an average penis size).

An average penis has a length of 139.7 to 160.02 mm and a width of 114.3 to 129.54 mm.

If your penis size is very close to these numbers, a standard one size fits all condom should do the job just fine, but if not. You’re going to have to either size up or size down!

Here are the general condom sizes:

  • Small (152.4mm to in length and 43.18mm in width)
  • Medium (177.8mm in length and 52.07mm in width)
  • Large ( 203.2 in length and 54.102mm in width)
  • Extra Large ( 203.2m and up in length and 54.102mm and up in width)

So, whichever one your measurements come closest to, we recommend that that is the size you stick to.

This will prevent you from ever having trouble at the shops again when you’re stocking up on your condoms.

Here are some of OhGee’s top picks for condoms:

condom sizes

Go give these condoms a view, find the one that sounds right to you and let the fun and games begin!

Once you find a good fitting condom, you are immediately going to feel the difference and thank yourself for taking the time to sort it out!

We did a previous blog post on how to make sex with condoms more enjoyable and this is often the main reason for guys to not want to use them – because it feels bad.

Well, we can guarantee you that if you take all the right steps, you WILL find a way to have fun with it.

Remember, besides finding one that fits well, there are also many different kinds of condoms that you can try.

OhGee stocks a wide range that you can browse and play around with until you find the one that will accompany you on all your sexual adventures.

It’s time to not only make sex safe but thoroughly enjoyable too!