Tips for Nipple Play

When it comes to foreplay, there are many obvious regions that you can fondle with such as the clitoris, thighs, neck and breasts.

We would like to focus a bit more on the very last one mentioned – breasts.

Breasts are amazing features to a woman’s body, but little do a lot of men and women know how many nerve endings are contained in the nipples – this goes for the men out there, too! Your nipples have the same amount of nerve endings than ours.

Nipple play is one of the sexiest and enjoyable forms of foreplay, but not a lot of people are aware of HOW exactly to do it and that is the main reason why most don’t partake.

For this very reason, we have come to your rescue with our favourite tips for nipple play, because it is a MUST try – for everyone!

Get ready to be educated, amazed and delve into the world of the nipple.

Did you know, they are so sensitive that nipplegasms are a real thing?! If not, then you are in for a real treat.

All it takes is some patience, comfortability and various methods to try out.

So, ladies and gents, let’s expand our knowledge on our nips to have a bit more fun in bed – whether solo or with a partner.

how to do nipple play

6 Tricks and Tips for Nipple Play:

Bite them (not too hard though)

This is one of the easiest ways to increase your sensuality, but you do need to remember to keep your partner in mind.

Ask them how hard they want it and to let you know when it gets too much. It can be a very intimidating feeling at first but at the same time very erotic – almost taboo.

Play around with different amounts of pressure and see what makes them tick – it will drive your lover’s body into overdrive if it is their first time!

Put a twist on things

This one can get quite fun to play around with! Gently grasp your partner’s nipples between your thumb and index finger while slowly starting to twist them in different directions.

Start off slow and easy and increase the intensity ever so slightly.

Watch them get harder as you play around and then take it further from there.

This is also great to add to the biting sensation – while biting the one, try twisting the other for double the pleasure.

Massage time!

Massaging isn’t only for feet, shoulders and sore back muscles – your nipples will enjoy it just as much!

This is a good option for those who enjoy the gentle side of nipple play more than the intense experiences.

Get some oil, lube or cream involved to make it nice and slippery – this will add even more of a tease and a please to the sensation.

The more the merrier, right?

nipple play

Play with different temperatures

For this option, massage oil candles are a great way to get started. Let the hot wax softly drip onto your partner’s nipples as you play with them. Maybe have a block of ice next to the bed to switch between the two.

The different temperatures can create a sensation like no other and will certainly send a shiver down your partner’s spine all the way to their erogenous zones.

Tease and then, please

There are many ways to tease your partner with nipple play – there are nipple clamps, whips, feather ticklers and MUCH more!

All of these will create a different sensation to the first one and combined will turn your partner on in a whole different way!

Suck on them

Time to get down, dirty and up close in order to do this one! Your tongue and lips can work wonders when it comes to nipple play – it will pretty much come naturally.

Lick them, suck them, maybe even do both at the same time!

It’ll get your partner’s heart rate up, give them shortness of breath and hormones flying sky high – exactly what you are looking for.

tips for nipple play

Now that you have some tips on nipple play, why not introduce it to your partner next time things are getting steamy?

Not only will it take them by surprise, but it will be a whole new feeling for them to experience!

Trying new things in bed is always fun and exciting because the person’s body and hormones have never experienced it before.

You can even carry on with nipple play while having sex as it will add even more pleasure to the experience. The more sensation, the bigger the orgasm and there is no such thing as too big of an orgasm!

Spice it up and show them that you are more informed about their body than they thought you were – you can thank us later!