Tips and Tricks for the Best Foreplay

Have you ever been in a situation where things are getting hot and steamy with another person, but as soon as it comes to the foreplay, you get totally turned off?

We’re 100% sure most of you said “yes”. Let’s face it, that’s probably the reason why you are here reading this post right now!

Foreplay can either make or break the sex and sadly, in most circumstances, it breaks it.

A lot of people (both men and women) simply don’t know how to get things going and this often leads to either no sex or very disappointing sex.

Think about foreplay as a test sample for your main course – if it’s good, you can only imagine how amazing the real deal is going to be. However, if it’s bad… you DREAD what is about to come next.

This should summarize it pretty well, but also make it clear WHY foreplay is so important!

Now, we’re not saying that it is a natural gift for all humans to be good at it, so if you are here to brush up on your knowledge and gain some insight, don’t feel shy or disappointed in yourself! Practice makes perfect with everything in life, so the more you do it, you’re most likely to become a foreplay master.

Tips and tricks for Foreplay

Try these on the ladies:

  1. Start off slow, it’s definitely not a race

A lot of the times women complain that their sexual partner starts off their foreplay way too fast and immediately lose interest.

Too hasty, too clumsy and too desperate can make the situation feel rushed and uncomfortable which means the mutual sensation of lust has been lost.

To avoid this, try focusing on smaller, softer and slower movements. Besides it is more sensual and intimate, it is also definitely more of a tease and ALL of us love being teased, now don’t we?

For example, try slowly drawing lines on her body with your fingertips in sensitive areas such as the thighs, collarbones and neck. Watch the goosebumps rise and the blood flow increase, then you know you’re doing it right!

  1. Not only the clitoris counts

Yes, we know, this sounds crazy to some men, but there are more ways to turn us on than just through the clitoris!

Following up from point number one, you should never go for the genital area first.

Start off with kissing and biting the neck, take part in some nipple play, rub her thighs or even tickle her until she’s basically curled up in a ball of laughter, adrenaline and endorphins!

This is the best way to get things going and then once she’s all warmed up and ready for you, then you can start working your way downstairs.

By this time, she will already be turned on so this is a great time to take it further.

tips for foreplay

  1. It has never killed anyone to ask

For a lot of women, it can be hard to find someone who really knows how to please them. Just as people like and dislike certain foods, it is the same when it comes to foreplay and sex.

If you’re not sure what to do, scrape together some confidence and ask your sexual partner what they enjoy.

After all, if you do ask, this will show that you want to make her feel good and that can be a major turn on as well.

Some women enjoy things that aren’t as obvious, so the only way for you to know is to find out.

  1. Grab a bottle of lube

Ah yes, good old lube. It comes in handy in so many ways!

If you want to add extra sensation to the foreplay, be sure to have some lubricant in hand.

This stuff can really make a major difference, especially if the woman might have some trouble getting the fluids flowing down there – yes, this is very possible.

On top of it all, lube doesn’t have to be boring! You get flavoured and scented ones as well as ones that even heat up! So, you can really get creative with this.

On that note – this calls for great oral sex.

And try these on the men:

  1. You already look great, but let’s look even better

We all know that some eye-candy goes a long way, so why not slip into your sexiest pair of undies to give him a look at what he is about to have?

Whether you’re in the house or out and about – sexy lingerie just simply makes you feel, well, sexy.

Imagine the look on his face when he takes off your clothes just to find you in lacey, seductive clothing?

More than just his heart rate will rise.

  1. It’s all about the hands

Besides kissing and being all over him, be sure to make use of your hands! By that we don’t mean holding his head.. (well, depends on which one).

Get creative and incorporate other forms of sensation such as changing up the way you touch him. Maybe start off soft and gentle by rubbing your hands across his chest while using your nails or fingertips to slightly tickle him and then progress to more intimate and intense.

This will show him that you are getting more and more turned on and in turn, do the same for him. Keep it interesting instead of doing the same thing time and time again.

best tips for foreplay

  1. You can use your words, too

Talking dirty can have a much bigger impact than you could ever imagine.

Some men really, and we mean REALLY, love having their sexual partners talk to them in ways that make their blood rush to all the right places.

You’d be surprised to see how powerful word can be between the sheets.

This doesn’t mean only right before you have sex, this is something you can have fun with throughout the whole day until you finally get to be alone.

It’s all about planting a seed, watering it and watching it grow..

The rest will take care of itself.

  1. His torso is your best friend

You know that area between the bottom of the rib cage and the hips? That one? Yes.

Make use of it.

This area is predominantly sensitive and has a lot of nerve endings which means a lot of sensation.


There is a nerve that connects from the ribs to the hips and eventually to the penis and that is exactly why this is a prime area for turning on your partner.

You can try various moves here such as kissing, licking, biting, grabbing and tickling – all of these alone will have him begging you for more.

So, after reading that, are you feeling a bit more confident and excited for the next time you take part in some foreplay?

If you’re not a natural at it, don’t worry! You are clearly trying to get better at it and the more you try, the better your chances of succeeding!

We sure do hope you have a special occasion coming up soon where you can test your profound foreplay skills!